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Mrs Brown’s Boys – Cathy’s Rant

A bit of light humor today from BBC’s comedy, Mrs Brown’s Boys.

..and I thought I was stressed!


Signs That Don’t Make Sense

Happy New Year everybody!

Thank you all for the support and the messages through Twitter – please keep them coming, as I thoroughly enjoy replying to them! 🙂

For the first post of the year, I’d like someone to please explain this sign to me.

I can’t be the only person to think that the M.E.N Arena didn’t quite think things through..


ThursdayNightRants Is Back Online

At long last, TNR is finally back online after extensive infer-structural modifications. It took much longer than expected to sort out all of the bugs and technical difficulties but at long last we’re ready for posting to resume!

The updates include;-

  • MAJOR updates to the website’s coding – the website will no longer crash at peak times, and all comments will post correctly
  • Updated ‘comment’ boxes (like/dislike comment buttons)
  • Integration with your own social networking accounts when commenting
  • Integrated live chat box
  • Posts can instantly be shared with FaceBook, Twitter or by Email
  • ‘Like’ buttons have been implemented across the website
  • Easy access to TNR’s Twitter page through designated buttons – the blue bird on the right
  • Search functionality, allowing readers to browse for selected topics
  • Email subscription service; simply click the box on the right-hand column and new posts will be emailed to you
  • RSS 2.0 feed integration allowing the site to be accessed from your RSS feeders (accessed at the bottom-left of the website)
  • New tags and categories
  • Easier navigation around the website

My Twitter account has been full of requests for topics and discussion points since the website has been inactive. I hope to fill some of these over the coming days, so keep checking back for more information!

All of my comments, thoughts and post notifications are available on my Twitter, so please follow for the latest news!

Happy ranting!

Updates & @ThursNightRants on Twitter!

Some of you may have realised that we have had a slight alteration to the ‘About’ page;

UPDATE: 20/10/11 – As of this week, I am planning on releasing smaller issues that I find interesting throughout the week, with the main discussion topics every Thursday (as per). I hope you enjoy these extra posts! 🙂

As always, there will be information regarding new posts on our Twitter page (@ThursNightRants) which you can follow by clicking the Follow button on the right hand column. Please keep the suggestions and comments coming, as we enjoy reading them immensely!

ThursdayNightRants is to undergo maintenance work this weekend, which could cause the site to go offline for a few hours. Apologies in advance, fellow ranters!