For the family and I, most Thursday nights consist of a night in, sipping a few bottles of Chardonnay and putting the world to rights. Regarding ourselves as intellectuals – with valid beliefs and lifelong experience – our chosen topics of conversation can get quite.. fierce.

Although the discourse starts quite mild, it almost always escalates into hyped disputes. We’re a family that debates; a family who enjoys discussion, and sharing view points. But more importantly, we ALL think we are right in what we say ALL of the time, and fight tooth and nail – metaphorically, of course – to defend our opinions, thus ‘beating the opposition down’.

Our Thursday nights lack congruency; with a large family, most paths of conversation that we travel down tend to end at an abrupt stop, as there’s almost always someone who holds the floor.  The topics range from the religion to war, questions of life and death to meanings of classical and contemporary literature.

In this blog, I hope to get other people’s opinions on stated topics, and take our discussions further; to the web!

UPDATE: 20/10/11  – As of this week, I am planning on releasing smaller issues that I find interesting throughout the week, with the  main discussion topics every Thursday (as per).  I hope you enjoy these extra posts! 🙂

Please Twitter us: @Thursnightrants (http://twitter.com/#!/thursnightrants) or email us at thursdaynightrants@gmail.com to let us know your opinions on topics we’ve discussed, or suggested new ideas! 🙂


3 responses to “About

  • Mommy Kate

    Hello there, what a great family you have…
    By the way, I added your blog to my Blogroll. Keep on posting! See yah!

  • Ande

    Hey ALF, hope you are having a blast tonight and post something cool. You know, I could join your family at least on thursday night’s, thanks to the alcohol, the other nights I am not sure if I can deal with myself 😉

  • Eliza

    Hi! Thanks for your comment 😛 Your blog’s interesting to read, but unlike you and your family I am possibly the worst person at debating. I like listening to the arguments more than actually having one …

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