GoodReads – Social Networking For Readers

Whilst scrolling through my Twitter account, I found that a blogger that I follow (@ToolsRoomKnightMozBar) had been using a service which I never knew existed. Entitled ‘Goodreads,’  this new social networking  site is the first that I’ve seen which is dedicated to literature; users are able to rate books, share their opinions and ideas, and check the reading lists of other people.

The service has a range of new features which I am already finding incredibly useful. Although I have only been using Goodreads for a few days, I have already been drawn to the recommendations section. The website offers you a selection of books that are personally catered to you, according to the books that you have already read and ‘rated’. I was impressed by the results; the literature that Goodreads recommended for me are books that my English teachers had advised me to purchase, as well as some lesser known novels that I hadn’t heard of. (..but sounded incredibly interesting!) The website’s social network integration with Twitter and Facebook allows friends to be added to a Goodread account. By doing this, you can see what books your peers have been reading, and what books they have been commenting on.

One of the main drawing points is the comments section. Unlike some other social networking sites, the comments posted are meaningful and offer insight on the topic being discussed. As an English Lit. student, I think a resource that allows people to be able to share your thoughts and interpretations on a selected book is highly beneficial.

Hopefully, by making reading ‘fun’ through social networking, more teenagers will feel inspired to delve into literature. Do you feel that a social networking environment would encourage reading and conversations regarding books? Do you feel that this ‘educational’ networking site will become used by the masses like Twitter and Facebook before it?

I’m currently working to set my profile up, and inputting the books that I’ve read in the past few months into my database. Please feel free to add me on Goodread (here), or follow me on Twitter for up to date information on reviews that I’ve published on the platform.!/ThursNightRants


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2 responses to “GoodReads – Social Networking For Readers

  • chunkee2na

    Glad you you clicked on the link! It’s definitely a great website for something new to read. Plus, you can find books that you’ve forgotten about somewhere in their database. The community is pretty helpful, saying hi to a random person will usually you net you a reply. It’s great!

    Oh and thanks for the linking to my profile/blog!

  • Eliza

    I have a Goodreads account as well, but I haven’t been on it in ages, because I have not been reading much lately … I kind of got bored of it too, a little bit. Like all other networking sites for me!

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