Do The Police Still Hold Power? (Reflection From The Riots)

Carnage erupting in Tottenham

After viewing pictures from the recent Tottenham riots – – I feel inclined to share my thoughts and feelings about how the situation is being handled by the Police; the ‘law enforcers’ who supposedly hold authority within our country.

Why wasn’t ‘real’ action taken by the police?

It’s about time that human rights, equality laws, and any other settlement that stops the police from upholding their position of power and control were abolished. The pictures and video clips that have been displayed on our TVs aren’t acceptable, and have cost many people not only their livelihoods, but also their sense of security in their own communal areas. We need a strong police force; not a full on 1984-esque totalitarian rule, but one that punishes the violators properly, giving extensive – and if needed, harsh – consequences to the perpetrators. It’s about time that the authorities set examples to potential law-breakers, and show that there are consequences for such mindless violence and sociological distruption; youths must be shown that they aren’t above the law.

..and if this means bringing out the water-cannons, the plastic bullets and the tear gas, it needs to be done. (The sooner, the better.) Groups of youths viciously attacking and vandalising at their own will – whilst, more annoyingly, getting away with it – is making our Britain look like a laughing stock, governed by children instead of a strong leading power.
Water cannons have proved to be extremely effective in many parts of Europe, where they can quickly be deployed for crowd control. Why can’t Britain utilise these already established forms of anti-riot equipment, and put them to use? After these – if there is still no movement of the crowds – why not fire in CS gas? Tear gas has been used in America for years with remarkable effectiveness. Furthermore, Britain has been able to employ it since 1998.

Why are policing staff still failing to apprehend the situation, when they have such powerful technology on call?

In my opinion, the leading forces of our country need to take a hard look at this event, and notice that order needs to be established. The law must be strengthened, and stronger consequences for anti-social behaviour and other crimes must be given. If not, I fear for our future generation; the generation that finds pilfering and looting acceptable, whilst the shop owner’s livelihood disintegrated before their very eyes.

What do you think about the recent events? Should curfews be set in place? What stricter counter measures would you put in place to abolish yob behaviour?


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